+ What if I’m running late for the tour?

In the confirmation email we send out to our customers, we will provide the address of our first stop, as well as the phone number of your tour guide so you are able to locate them. If you realize you are running late, please contact them as soon as possible! However, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a tour if your group is more than 15 minutes late. Timing is essential for a tour with multiple stops and scheduled dishes/drinks.

+ Does the tour end at the same place we meet?

No. However, we end the tour less than half a mile from the starting point. We are happy to direct anyone to where they parked after the tour!

+ Is there parking next to the tour meeting point?

Yes, there is public parking right next to our meeting point, but it is subject to availability. We highly recommend using Uber or Lyft. Please see our parking page for helpful parking advice. We will also remind everyone of specific parking information in the confirmation email we send out after your tickets have been purchased.

+ What happens if it rains?

Our tours will run, rain or shine! Luckily, in Southern California, rainy days are few and far between. On average, we enjoy 284 days of beautiful sunshine every year!

+ How much walking is involved?

We walk at an easy pace on flat and downhill streets, covering no more than a half mile radius. There will be at least 2 sit-down stops over the course of 2 hours. The rest of the time, our guests are expected to walk or stand.

+ Are bathrooms available on the tour?

Yes, there are bathrooms available at every stop, just ask your tour guide!

+ Can I pay with cash or do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

Unfortunately, cash is not accepted. Tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance online. Book now!

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Please read our cancellation policy here.

+ Are gift certificates available?

Yes, and we think they make the perfect gift! Click the Book Now button for options or email us at hello@mbfoodtour.com to purchase a gift certificate.

+ Can I book a private or corporate tour?

Absolutely! Read more about our private and corporate tours here.

+ Is tipping/gratuity expected?

Tipping is not mandatory, however our tour guides work hard and always appreciate tips/gratuities! Tipping rates in the United States food industry generally range from 15-20%.

+ Why should a Los Angeles local take this tour?

The Hermosa Beach Mixology Tour is a great chance for locals to explore their own backyard and play tourist for the day! Chances are, even if you live in the immediate area, you might not have been to every stop on our tour or have tried the specific cocktails we have chosen. Whether you’re a local or tourist, we offer everyone a fun and unique dining experience, while learning some fascinating history about the restaurants and town along the way too!